How Big Stone Garlic Came To Be

Big Stone Garlic – Cousins Working Together

Cousins planting hardneck garlic in October

We are two families of cousins working together to grow all natural hard neck garlic as the company “Big Stone Garlic”. Both families come from a long tradition of farming and have a passion for family, community, sustainability and just having fun playing in the dirt. We all have “real” jobs to support our farming habit. Russ and Theresa and their four kids live on their farm in Big Stone County. Les and Jessica and their two kids live in Minneapolis and “commute” to their family’s century farm for play time (AKA garlic farming). We are grateful to our relatives and friends for jumping into the dirt with us and helping our garlic dream turn into a reality.


Finding a Hard Neck Garlic Variety that We Loved

Chesnok Red Hardneck garlic lined up in a row

A few years ago we were introduced to two beautiful hard neck garlic varieties with amazingly diverse flavors – Chesnok Red and German Red. After enjoying the garlic grown by a small farmer in Wisconsin for a couple of years, we decided to try growing it ourselves on our Century Farm on the prairie land of Big Stone County, MN. As it turns out, it grows really well and Big Stone Garlic was born!