We are Partnering in an Exciting Project with the U of MN

Uofm Backhaul Project Map

Map of Big Stone Garlic (in green) solid black line is the current distribution route, potential markets shown in purple.

Big Stone Garlic is excited to be part of a Backhauling pilot project with the University of Minnesota Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems group.  The projecy leverages our existing network of rural grocery stores and wholesale suppliers to back-haul locally grown produce on emptied wholesale trucks for redistribution through wholesale markets.

This project gives Big Stone Garilc greater access to wholesale markets throughout the region. Wholesale suppliers in turn get access to product from many small and medium sized farms that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Our garlic is the very first product in this pilot project.  If successsful, this U of M project has the potential to be replicated across the country.   It is super exiting to work alongside the U of M and other folks on the food supply chain on the state and even federal level.

Bottom line is that Big Stone Garlic has better access to a larger market.